Update March 8, 2016

Representation by population is no longer in effect in Quebec !!!

Please read the articles re Mont-Royal Riding on pages A1, A3 plus the editorial on page 12:

Donations are welcome for the planned court challenge, BUT please read the message on the GoFundMe page before donating via GoFundMe

Did We Win a Major Battle Against the SAQ? Yes or No?

UPDATE: Early December/2016 a Montreal newspaper reporter received the following message from the SAQ: “Recently, the SAQ added bilingual signage in stores located in areas with a higher concentration of Anglophones (70 stores, mainly in the greater Montreal region) for its return and refund policy as well as for its customer satisfaction survey.”

Did I ever expect the SAQ to give an inch without our spending thousands of dollars in order to advertise that wine costs in the area of 10% less in Ontario?


In April/2016, I invited the SAQ to post bilingual signs at their outlets, wherever the local Anglo population was 25% or more.

As the LCBO (Ontario) does this in areas of 10% or more of Francos, I did not think that it would be a problem for a corporation that of course respects all of their clients as does the SAQ. :o)

The SAQ V-P Legal replied that by law they couldn’t, as they are part of the public administration. Lawyer Harold Staviss then corrected the SAQ V-P and pointed out the law that actually allows the SAQ to post bilingual signs!

No answer to the request of the SAQ was forthcoming and hundreds of people contacted the SAQ and advised that they were boycotting them.

I set up a GoFundMe fundraising campaign and then began to encourage people to open up a Tangerine bank account (IF they did not already have one). WHY?  Simply because if they spent 5 minutes opening up an account, they and the BOYCOTT THE SAQ ad campaign would each benefit by $50, IF my “Orange Key #” was used!

On October 16, I had the pleasure of dropping off a copy of The Suburban at the home of Carlos Leitao, Minister of Finance. The editorial praised Mr. Leitao. Across from the editorial was a letter from me. I even used Google Translate to translate my letter into Portuguese for him! :o)

In the letter I explained that I would be spending as much as $100,000 on ads to inform Montrealers (spring 2017) that they could save $$$ when in Ontario by shopping for wine, rather than here at the SAQ. I also mentioned that I would educate Montrealers about the fact that the sales tax in ON was 2% less  than here in QC. (Everyone can see from signs at gas stations in ON that their gasoline costs less.)

Also mentioned was the fact that 2.7 million trips were made from Montreal to ON in 2013!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the SAQ for spreading the word, far more efficiently than I ever could, that wine costs less in ON than in QC. Now, whenever a Montrealer goes to Ontario, they are going to remember that they must shop for wine, as they will be saving $$$!!!

Now what about the lack of bilingual signs at the SAQ?

Well I have a plan in my head and the more people that open up Tangerine Bank accounts between now and January 31, the more $$ that I will have to take on Quebec and win.

SO! If you want to have fun with Quebec take 5 minutes, $100 and open up a bank account online BUT YOU MUST INSERT MY ORANGE KEY # 40373760S1 into the appropriate spot when you open up your account. Here is the link:

Q: Concerned about who Tangerine is? A:Scotiabank owns them.

Q: Are your funds safe? A: The CDIC insures your $$ to $100,000 just like any other chartered bank.


REMEMBER!  YOU MUST INSERT MY ORANGE KEY # 40373760S1 into the appropriate spot when you open up your account!


We Took on the SAQ and “Won”!

On Oct 26 the SAQ announced that they would be lowering their prices of wine to those of the LCBO in Ontario!

Please contact the SAQ asap, and inform them that even if their prices are lower than the LCBO, that you will boycott them (and all alcohol sold in QC) until they post bilingual signs as is allowed by law wherever 25% or more of the local population is Anglophone! 

Here is the contact form for the SAQ:

Please remember: The LCBO posts bilingual signs wherever 10% or more are francophone.

It appears that the SAQ is prepared to lose $100 million/yr in profits rather than post bilingual signs as has been requested.

I believe that we should ALL do our part to ensure that the SAQ loses even more!!!

Check this out and see why the SAQ was scared into acting:


Would you like to get even with Quebec, and get paid $50 for your five minutes time, when you do?

To get even with we simply invite you to open up a $100 (minimum) bank account with Tangerine Bank (a subsiduary of Scotiabank) up until Jan. 31/2017

IF you are not yet a client, you and the effort to hurt QC will both receive $50. IF you reside in Canada outside of QC you will be entered into a special draw. For every account opened up by those NOT living in QC we will add $10 and have a draw for those living outside of QC. Example: IF 1,000 accounts are opened up between now and Jan 31/2017 one of the new account holders that registered with the following Orange Key number OR replacement(s) nunber(s) to be be posted on this blog will win $10,000!

To open up an account simply go to

 You MUST mention Orange Key # 40373760S1 when you open up your account

AFTER you open up your account simply forward the confirmation from Tangerine Bank that you have done so, along with your name to

IF you reside in QC please send the above confirmation to

Please note that the winner will be asked to send us a copy of their government issued driver’s permit or health card to confirm that they are NOT a Quebec resident.

For full information concerning the effort:

IF you have any questions please email them to either of the above two email addresses.
We would like to include those in Quebec but Quebec’s  Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux has so many rules and regulations, so Quebec is very rarely included in national contests,%20r.%206

Is Something Rotten in Quebec?

Please read the articles re Mont-Royal Riding on pages A1, A3 plus the editorial on page 12:

Donations are welcome BUT please read the message on the GoFundMe page before donating via GoFundMe

The SAQ is Really PO’ed at me! :o)


Back in February I asked the SAQ to post bilingual signs as does the LCBO in Ontario BUT I was generous.

While in Ontario they have bilingual signs where 10% or more are French mother tongue, I asked the SAQ to do the same wherever 25% or more are English mother tongue.

Their Vice-president of Legal Affairs promised to respond to the request back in March BUT they haven’t and it is 6 months later.

We began to advertise a boycott of the SAQ on Facebook and hundreds wrote to the SAQ.

Now we will soon begin to flood the greater Montreal with ads simply mentioning that wine costs less in Ontario. IF you want to see how much budget we have please see:

Please note that we do not welcome donations!

We welcome everyone to simply do as is requested in the wording. Those who do will receive a $50 gift, and the advertising fund will also receive $50, both courtesy of a bank owned by Scotiabank!!

For additional information:




From now until the end of January, you can earn $50 for five minutes on your computer and at the same time bring $50 to the Boycott the SAQ advertising fund!

Click on the following and see how much has been raised, and how you can earn $50 and help fight the SAQ, at NO cost to you!!