UPDATED October `17/16



Wine costs less in Ontario than in Quebec, BUT it is also a matter of




Minorities are treated like dirt by Quebec and that has to change!

The ONLY way to change that is through Quebec’s wallet!

Its Now or Never!

In Ontario, LCBO’s (LCBO=SAQ) post bilingual signs!*

In Quebec there are NO bilingual signs at any SAQ.

In February we asked the SAQ to post bilingual signs in areas where a min. of 25% are English mother tongue.

First they replied that they were not allowed. (They lied!) Our lawyer sent them the law that showed that just like any other business in QC, they were allowed!

The SAQ promised a reply




Please share this site on Facebook/via email etc! To get here, one need only Google: BOYCOTT THE SAQ

No bilingual signs in areas where 25% or more are Anglo = no respect for minorities, and that should mean no alcohol purchases by ANYONE, ANYWHERE in Quebec!

The LCBO posts bilingual signs wherever 10% of the locals are French mother tongue! *

Our simple request that the SAQ post bilingually where 25% are English speaking was ignored!

As of today (October 17) we have accumulated over $25,000 to advertise in the Greater Montreal region, that wine costs less in Ontario!

We do NOT ask for donations!

We simply encourage everyone to go onto their computer for 5-10 minutes, earn $50 and by following the instructions on the advertising fund ALSO receives $50.

Please READ the instructions!!

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: Please tell the SAQ that you will boycott the SAQ (ALL booze sold anywhere in QC) and purchase your wine and liquor in Ontario!!!

Alternately, please tell the SAQ that you will cut down or even give up drinking entirely! (Only alcoholics actually need to drink!)

On the following link (contact form), please choose SERVICE/COURTESY. Leave “phone number” blank and tell them that you are boycotting the SAQ until bilingual signs appear as is allowed by law:

Please note that the SAQ has not been honest in their replies, AND will obfuscate in order to try and sabotage the boycott.

src=”” />

Please LIKE and share our Facebook Page:

The Boycott of the SAQ is now very widespread. Demonstrations have commenced and advertising will soon begin.


Please share this site on Facebook/via email etc! To get here, one need only Google: BOYCOTT THE SAQ

Christmas/New Years will soon be coming, and that is the busiest time of the year for the SAQ! Start shopping for your wine in Ontario where it is less expensive, AND they give Air Miles.

To be kept up to date regarding this and similar efforts, please send an email to:

Please share this site!

Please watch/share the video of an SAQ demonstration held near the end of May

Feel free to make a sign mentioning GOOGLE: BOYCOTT THE SAQ and demonstrate whenever you can at a busy intersection. STAY on the sidewalk! Please advise when you do (via a comment below) and we will let you know how many Google. Personally, I have demonstrated like this over 250 times for different efforts!

*The LCBO posts bilingual signs in regions of ON where at least 10% are French mother tongue. Cities having over 5,000 Francophones in their populations have bilingual signs as well. These cities include, but are not limited to: Toronto, Mississauga, Hamilton, London, Ottawa, Cornwall, Sudbury……………..


The following is actually the Aug 4 reply of  the Secretary General of the SAQ. This reply arrived because over a thousand fed up people wrote to the SAQ  and advised they would  boycott the SAQ.

Note that I originally asked the SAQ to post bilingually, in areas where a min of 25% are English mother tongue, not the 10% threshold set by Ontario.

From: Info <>
Date: August 4, 2016 at 4:48:04 PM GMT-4
Subject: Bilingual signsHello,We have received your e-mail, and we thank you for taking the time to write us.In response to comments received in recent months regarding the language used in some of our stores, we want to note that the SAQ adjusts its product offer and service to the markets it serves.For example, it isn’t surprising that we pay special attention to the range of Italian products we offer in Little Italy. Or that kosher products are distributed in stores where customer demand is strongest. The same openness applies to communicating with customers in our points of sale: while French is the language of work among staff, it is absolutely not against rules for staff to speak to customers in languages other than French when appropriate. On the contrary, we encourage this type of interaction, which improves the advisory service we provide and the shopping experience the customer enjoys. Accordingly, members of the Anglophone community can count on many SAQ employees to advise them in their mother tongue. This is particularly true in stores located in areas with a higher concentration of Anglophones.Société des alcools du Québec

Do you notice what she said about bilingual signs? If you did not notice it is because she mentioned absolutely nothing about bilingual signs!!

Additional information follows:


More in depth information follows!

In Ontario, bilingual signs hang in 112 of the 634 LCBO* outlets.

In Greater Toronto where 1.6% of the population are French mother tongue, the LCBOs all have bilingual signs!

In the West Island of Montreal, where 48% are English mother tongue, the SAQ has absolutely NO bilingual signs!!

We find that disgusting in view of Ontario’s policy and hundreds of people have asked the SAQ for their reason(s) for not posting bilingual signs!

The SAQ lawyer advised (April 11) after citing some articles of the Quebec Language Charter; Furthermore, these regulations do however permit signage in another language under certain conditions, which is why we will examine the situation more closely following your request.

While that is VERY nice of them, lawyer Harold Staviss replied; that Article 2 (below) of Quebec’s policy of signage erected by the “civil administration” states that signage in provincial bodies that conduct activities similar to that of regular businesses can be in French and another language, as long as French is clearly predominant. Exceptions include billboards, buses and bus shelters.


Je vous remercie beaucoup pour votre réponse et j’ai pris note des articles 14 et 22 de la Charte de la langue française. Toutefois, comme vous êtes au courant, il appert que l’article 2 du <<Règlement sur l’affichage de l’Administration>> qui se lit comme suit:

<< 2.  Sous réserve de l’article 3, l’affichage de l’Administration relatif à des activités de nature similaire à celles d’entreprises commerciales peut être fait à la fois en français et dans une autre langue, pourvu que le français y figure de façon nettement prédominante au sens du règlement qui précise la portée de cette expression pour l’application de la Charte de la langue française (chapitre C-11), sauf:

1°    si cet affichage est fait sur des panneaux-réclame, sur des affiches ou sur tout autre support d’une superficie de 16 m2 ou plus et visible de tout chemin public au sens de l’article 4 du Code de la sécurité routière (chapitre C-24.2); 

            2°    si cet affichage est fait sur ou dans tout moyen de transport public et ses accès, y compris les abribus>> (D. 1756-93, a. 2.),

est applicable dans les circonstances. En conséquence, je suis d’opinion que la Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ) a le droit d’avoir ses affichages en anglais aussi, pourvu que le français soit nettement prédominante.

Dans l’attente d’un réponse favorable à l’effet que la SAQ mettra en place l’affichages en anglais dans un très proche avenir, je vous prie d’agréer, mes salutations les plus distinguées.

Bien à vous.

For info regarding Ontario’s impressive language policy see:

Please SHARE this post far and wide (links/icons below). 

The time has come to fight back against Quebec’s xenophobia!



    • Spread the word! We need thousands to do the same! I have been buying at the LCBOs in Ottawa for years. Its less expensive, they give Air Miles and besides we are in Ottawa every month visiting our kids/grandkids!

  1. I will be purchasing my Aberfeldy 21, along with the many other fine products in Ontario for the time being, until they fix this problem.

      • I did, This is what I wrote:

        Dear SAQ,

        I have a fully stocked home bar with 50+ of your finest products. Recently I found out that your company does not like my business as you refuse to put signs up on both languages.

        I live 40 minutes away from the LCBO and they have both languages up in their outlets and their alcohol is a little cheaper making it worth the drive when I want to buy alcohol.
        Bill 101 states that you must have signage in BOTH languages, French being the dominate language on top and larger than english, but this doesn’t mean that you have to remove the english language all together.

        Please take this into consideration that I spend roughly between $1500 – $2000 a year on liquor, not including wine.
        I wish to continue to purchase alcohol from your outlets, but I will make a trip to Ontario this weekend and the next few months until this problem has been corrected. Thank you for the past business. Keep my Aberfeldy 21 in stock for now. I will be back when you fix this.

  2. I think enough is enough as English speaking we no longer have rights even to express ourselves in the meantime new comers that abuse of our system just because they speak French they get all kinds of bdnifits we work and support them .they have large families therefore they don’t work and contribute they live off of us .one day we will be in the same situation like Europe .We build this country more than French people and they taka all the glory .this Province should be fully bilingual it’s funny how in work place the Chinese speaks chinese the Muslim Arabic yet we cannot speak English so pathetic .

  3. I already do not buy here due to unusually inflated pricing, but also now because of this blatant
    disrespect of anyone who is not French, White, and Catholic.

      • La vrai politesse serait que nos anglos quebecois apprennent la langue de leurs pays, comment font ils pour travailler ici au Québec alors qu’un francophone doit etre bilingue pour travailler chez lui, trouvez l’erreur !!

      • Avez-vous des statistiques qui montrent ce que le % des francophones et tout le monde dans le Grand Montréal qui sont bilingues? Quelque part, je crois que le % des non francophones bilingues dépasse largement le % des francophones qui sont bilingues.

    • Pat you live in Canada so why don’t you and all the other separatist learn to speak the Language??????

      Pretty simple. But of course that takes intelligence 😉

      At least us English try to speak French , but most french do not even bother to learn English because they fell they are superior or just to lazy and ignorant!! 😦

    • Il y a 1 langue quand il vient aux affaires et qui est l’argent.

      Ontario comprendre cela , alors ils répondre à tous leurs clients .

      Je ne comprends pas pourquoi une entreprise au Québec ne ferait pas en même temps.

      Si le gouvernement veut seulement adverstise en 1 langue , alors je vais pas payer des impôts pour eux et je ne vais pas les soutenir !

    • Le Québec ce n’est pas un pays. France, Espagne, Italie, sont des pays. Le Canada est un pays avec une province inclus appelé «Québec». Je ne sais pas si le Québec est déjà divorcée du Canada sans signature. Tout ce que vous voulez les gens à faire est de prendre et ne pas contribuer. Le gouvernement du Canada donne des milliards pour le Québec et l’argent est jamais un problème. Cette province est allée trop loin. Si vous voulez un pays, puis se tenir debout sur vos deux pieds, faites votre propre monnaie, puis dire vos prières.

      Il ne prend pas beaucoup d’intelligence de savoir que le Québec a une économie pauvre et a perdu trop d’entreprises et d’emplois! Je suis bientôt quitter cette province et je parle trois langues. Honte à vous au Québec pour détruire une province qui avait tout à un moment donné. Montréal a été la première ville, et maintenant il commence à ressembler à un pays du tiers monde. Peut-être que vous avez raison, après tout … prendre le mot «tiers monde» et «pays».

      Bientôt vous aurez pas grand-chose ici pour avoir vos signes français “seulement” pour accrocher. Alors, quand il vient à l’intelligence, je pense que même un enfant de deux ans peut comprendre cela!

      Bonne chance Québec comme je dis bon voyage !!

  4. Defentyly no need to shop here when it can be done in Ontario and don’t have to put up with this crap yet again we are forced to go elsewhere.

  5. I contacted the SAQ yesterday and they sent me the same BS that they do not have to put any english anywhere because they are part of the government. Personally, I believe that when it comes to government, they should be neutral as they are receiving taxes from us, so is our money no good to them? If this is the case, then I will stop paying taxes to them completely.

    There is no point in contacting the SAQ as they have their responses already made :

    14. The Government, the government departments, the other agencies of the civil administration and the services thereof shall be designated by their French names alone.

    As per the fact that the SAQ is part of the Administration, it is subjected to the specific regulations of article 22 of the Charter, and not those of article 58 that apply to individuals and ‘’private’’ corporations that do business in Quebec. For your reference, we reproduce the text of article 22:

    So, I will no longer purchase any alcohol from the SAQ. I will drive 40 minutes to support the local Ontario LCBO, or even stop by the Indian reserve at one of their outlets.

    • The VP Legal Affairs sent that to me before everyone else received it. A lawyer replied to her on my behalf and sent her the regulation that actually applies. The SAQ sells to the public and according to the Language Act plays by the same rules as does any business. They can not hide behind what she sent off. The question is whether she was aware of the actual regulation, or not. I do not believe that she was aware. Hopefully she will respond next week.

  6. My entire Family will stop shopping at the SAQ. We will be shopping in Ontario unless they put English on the signs!
    This will include all my other shopping as well!
    Enough is Enough!!!

  7. No respect for anglophones we build this Province everything was handed out for them this Province should have been completely bilingual I cannot believe that we except all this without a word are we so scared ? , in the meantime our money is bilingual and they use it , our Post Office etc . They are closed In a box don’t they know the whole world speaks English even in France they learn English .I have witness an American Tourist at the Baie the saleslady refused to serve her in English the tourist shopped for a couple of thousand she left all stuff on the counter and left in the meantime they go to Florida and expect for them to be served in French so pathetic .SAQ and any Government place should serve in English what about the old people who don’t speak French .but in the meantime they sccomodate the immigrants that speak only Arabic .sick laws .

  8. I also got back a BS answer…and I no longer shop at the SAQ! I actually brew mine own wines now, and buy my booze Stateside or in Ontario. I will never walk into an outlet center anywhere here in Quebec again. Salute! You lost my business…and the business of all those who choose to do the same.

  9. I haven’t bought wine/liquor in QC for over 3 years! Please tell the SAQ that you are boycotting them and why as that may bring improvements! Please spread the blog far and wide! :o)

  10. First it was the fuel in my car that chose Ontario (just the lower price, of course); then it was the wine selection – I love the ones from the Niagara region (which are not sold in this different country) that I got from Ontario;henceforth, it will be the purchase of alcohol that will prefer Canada to Quebec.
    It seems that the ones that sell the alcohol have been drunk on their monopolistic mindset and cannot see the logic of serving their customers! What a shame.

    • I will be at an LCBO next friday buying wine. I will have to look for Niagara wine on special, as why not support Canadian wineries if the wine is just as good! Thanks for contacting the SAQ and spreading the blogue!


  12. Je suis bilingue et j’insiste sur des enseignes dans les 2 langues!! Je comprends les deux, donc pas graves pour moi mais on revient au point de la politesse et aussi aux touristes qui sommes nos invités comme de raison! Voyons donc, la seul raisons de ne pas le faires est pour éceouré les gens donc ils devraient etre pénalisées!!

  13. I have close family who live in Ontario & come to Mtl often. I will have them purchase my needs in Ontario & bring them to Quebec. WHOS THE LOSER HERE?

  14. Since I have family in Ontario, the boycott will be very easy. I find your response pathetic and reeks of total ignorance. The LCBO has bilingual signs.Je suis bilingue mais pour moi c’est la principe

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