The SAQ is Really PO’ed at me! :o)


Back in February I asked the SAQ to post bilingual signs as does the LCBO in Ontario BUT I was generous.

While in Ontario they have bilingual signs where 10% or more are French mother tongue, I asked the SAQ to do the same wherever 25% or more are English mother tongue.

Their Vice-president of Legal Affairs promised to respond to the request back in March BUT they haven’t and it is 6 months later.

We began to advertise a boycott of the SAQ on Facebook and hundreds wrote to the SAQ.

Now we will soon begin to flood the greater Montreal with ads simply mentioning that wine costs less in Ontario. IF you want to see how much budget we have please see:

Please note that we do not welcome donations!

We welcome everyone to simply do as is requested in the wording. Those who do will receive a $50 gift, and the advertising fund will also receive $50, both courtesy of a bank owned by Scotiabank!!

For additional information:




From now until the end of January, you can earn $50 for five minutes on your computer and at the same time bring $50 to the Boycott the SAQ advertising fund!

Click on the following and see how much has been raised, and how you can earn $50 and help fight the SAQ, at NO cost to you!!




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