We Took on the SAQ and “Won”!

On Oct 26 the SAQ announced that they would be lowering their prices of wine to those of the LCBO in Ontario!

Please contact the SAQ asap, and inform them that even if their prices are lower than the LCBO, that you will boycott them (and all alcohol sold in QC) until they post bilingual signs as is allowed by law wherever 25% or more of the local population is Anglophone! 

Here is the contact form for the SAQ:


Please remember: The LCBO posts bilingual signs wherever 10% or more are francophone.

It appears that the SAQ is prepared to lose $100 million/yr in profits rather than post bilingual signs as has been requested.

I believe that we should ALL do our part to ensure that the SAQ loses even more!!!

Check this out and see why the SAQ was scared into acting: https://www.gofundme.com/2g5wgajw



2 thoughts on “We Took on the SAQ and “Won”!

  1. Even if they want to give me the booze for nothing…I will no longer go to any SAQ outlets. They have lost me FOREVER!

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